Tips for the best last minute holiday deals

The summer vacation has already begun. Who knows, you may have already mapped out a dream trip. Otherwise you might be able to use the offers that the tour operators are currently doing, the so-called last minute vacations. The time when only popular sun vacations were an option is over, nowadays the whole world is at your feet. We tell you what you should pay attention to. We also give you tips for booking the best holiday deal.

Destinations for last minute deals

In the past, last-minute holiday deals were mainly focused on the popular sun vacations around the Mediterranean. Nowadays you can also find offers for more distant tropical destinations. For example, it will probably be possible to go to Sri Lanka cheaply this year. Due to the events of a few months ago, the travel advice was negative. In the meantime the travel advice is positive again, but for many holidaymakers there is now a threshold to book. That undoubtedly ensures last minute offers.

In 2019 there is a trend that bookings for Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia are on the rise. This reduces the chance of last minute deals to these destinations. Other destinations on the Mediterranean are certainly interesting as last minute deals. If you want to go further afield, then Curacao, Thailand, Vietnam and, as said, Sri Lanka are possibilities.

When choosing a last-minute vacation, consider lesser-known countries. Montenegro, Slovenia and Bulgaria have a lot to offer and are less touristy. In addition, the price level in those countries is surprisingly low.

Practical matters when booking

If you want to book a last minute to a distant destination, you often cannot book today and leave tomorrow. You may need a visa. In addition, vaccinations may be needed. You must have arranged this in advance. So you need some preparation time. And the vaccination centers are now busy. Making an appointment for vaccinations now costs more time.

Check the current situation at the destination on review sites such as Zoover and Tripadvisor. You may read that the hotel is located next to a construction site where people work precisely in these months from early in the morning until late in the evening. You can imagine that the peace and the holiday feeling are far away. It also immediately explains the great offer from the tour operator. Read all tips about the right preparation for your vacation .

Be flexible

When choosing a last minute it is important to be flexible. Consider the period and the holiday destination. It is almost impossible to find a last minute for your preferred country if you are bound by a fixed period for your vacation. If you have already registered your vacation period with your employer, you will therefore have to be flexible when choosing your destination. If you really have a strong preference for a country, then you must again have a large margin in the departure dates.

Compile a last minute trip yourself You can use a so-called package tour from a tour operator. Flight and hotel are all arranged here. But you can also book your flights or hotels yourself. That takes more work, but can certainly be interesting. Then read the article about booking the cheapest airline tickets .

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