Tips for a luxurious interior of home

Suppose you have bought a new house and you can use some help with your interior. You are creative yourself and you certainly have ideas about what you like and don’t like, but it still remains difficult to make everything fit together. What is the best layout? Which colors go well together? A new home and a new interior can cost a lot of time, effort and money. Then why not get professional advice about your interior? 

Tips for a modern sleek floor

A seamless floor, such as a cast floor, has advantages. You can have the floor run through several rooms that looks as a whole and creates tranquility.These days you can apply a cast floor in all kinds of colors. The gray concrete look is very tough and looks robust. A shade of a different color can also be incorporated. This allows the floor to look slightly more natural.You can use recessed skirting boards to ensure that your floor blends perfectly into the walls. 

Tips to make your living room look bigger·       

  • The most obvious and most important tip is the use of light colors. The chance to choose dark colors can sometimes be great, but your living room will look slightly smaller. Do you go for lighter shades? Your living room will feel larger.   
  • Use the same color tones for your ceilings if your walls make a living room feel more spacious.    
  • You can also play with a lighter shade on the ceilings. By choosing a lighter shade of color than on the walls, the living room will appear to be slightly higher! ·       
  • Create more depth in your living room by using horizontal accents. For example, a broad horizontal line across the center of your wall. ·       
  • Prefer not to use too much large furniture and home accessories. Rather go for the smaller version. For example, a large lamp can be very beautiful, but it feels massive in a small living room. 

Tips for a luxurious interior

1. Steel interior doors

Steel interior doors are the trend of the moment, but it’s not for nothing. It creates space and allows a lot of light through. The black steel doors give a luxurious feel and are beautifully combined with the right floor and sleek walls. If the steel frames are pulled up to the ceiling, that gives even more room. Then you create the feeling of an extra high ceiling. Use the height! 

2. DO NOT put the bench against the wall

It might seem like the best and most “spatial" choice to put a sofa against the wall. Usually the opposite is true. The living room does not look smaller if the couch comes out slightly. Depending on the space it can go from 20 centimeters to a few meters. By placing the sofa separately from the wall, you create a luxurious look. You don’t need a huge living room for that. Contrary to what many people think. In a small living room you can also bring the couch forward. This can be depicted in our 3D drawings.

3. Discover the power of lighting

Many people, almost everyone, underestimate the importance of lighting. You probably also work until the end of the afternoon or even late at night. We spend most of our time in our house in the evening. Yet we often only think of the lighting in one of the final phases of the interior. Why? Lighting provides atmosphere, lighting can provide a luxurious feeling. The right lighting, direct and indirect, makes the interior. Do not determine the lighting afterwards, but take it along in the first phase of the interior plan. Something to think about, right?

 4. Combine vintage and modern

In the living room you can play with different styles. Combine vintage pieces with modern furniture. By combining multiple styles you can create an attractive space. Not everything has to be in one line in style. It is precisely through playful combinations that a space can be given a luxurious, but also atmospheric character. Only modern and sleek parts can make the net miss that warm feeling. A vintage piece can change that.

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