This is how you style up with the color trends of the year

Yellow, purple, green and blue – 2019 is the year when we invite the colors of our home seriously. Here we have tips on how to decorate with the most trendy colors in 2019.It’s time to dare to put more color on the home. For many years, the trendy decor has mainly gone in shades of white, gray and beige with a few, sober color clicks. But if we are to believe the trend tensions for 2019, this will be the year when more and more people are brave and add color to the interior. However, we do not abandon the classic piece completely. One of the big color trends this year is beige, which fits like the hand in glove in natural interiors. However, there are several colors that will challenge the completely monochrome piece in 2019. In addition to a beige and natural palette, several strong colors are predicted to become trendy, colorful favorites. Here we suggest how you can decorate with six of the most trendy colors – in a stylish way.

 Color Trend 1: Petroleum

Petroleum is a real eye-catcher for color that can vary from a blue hue to a more greenish tone. If you are really brave and looking for a darker, darker interior style, you can paint the walls in petroleum. But the color also makes an impression on a smaller scale. It becomes a stylish accent color in the home regardless of the other color scheme and also fits in the home with a natural color scheme. Petroleum is also a nice color to mix with other blue shades, as it gives a subtle color click and makes the impression more vivid.

Color Trend 2: Purple

The ultraviolet was named Pantone’s trend color 2018 and in 2019 we see it in a new, duller version. This year the purple may be really dark or light with a light gray tone in it. The darker variant, which can almost be called plum colored, also fits nicely together with petroleum, a combination of colors that fits in the home where there is no fear of color and decoration in a darker vintage. 

Color trend 3: Coral 

This year’s trend color according to Pantone is Living Coral, which is a vibrant coral color. The coral color can vary widely – everything from a shade of light peach to a stronger orange within the color palette. The color is excellent as an accent color on porcelain, individual statement furniture and textiles. It gives the interior a personal color click that no one can miss – while also being easy to mix with other existing colors in the home.   

Color Trend 4: Yellow

Yellow has been named one of the year’s great trend colors and the happy color is available in many different shades. For those who want to keep it bright, there are pastel yellow tones, while those who want eye-catching color clicks choose a stronger shade. 

Color Trend 5: Green

Green remains as one of the trendy favorite colors and it is not difficult to understand why. The shades of green blend nicely into the classic .whether you choose a dark or light shade. The trendiest this year is the grayscale color sage that fits in any room – regardless of whether it adds color to the walls, textiles, and furniture or interior details. 

Color Trend 6: Pastel Pink

The pastel pink hue fits in every room of the home and does not need to be limited to the nursery or associated with a feminine style. The pastel gives a soft, restful impression and is stylish to decorate tone by tone, but can also act as an accent color in a selected piece of furniture or some interior details.  


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