From old wax remnants Make candles yourself: compact step-by-step instructions

If you like candlelight, there are a lot of candle residues spread over the year. With our instructions you can easily make new candles yourself from these wax residues.

Small stumps of candles that remain in the holder can no longer be reignited, but you do not have to throw away the wax residue. Because you can use it to make candles, with the help of which rooms shine in atmospheric light. You can also set your own personal accents with the small, unique pieces.

Instructions: Make candles yourself in a glass


 ·         Fill a saucepan with a little water and let it get hot – it shouldn’t boil. Place a second pot or bowl with your wax residue in it. The candles become particularly beautiful when the candle remains have similar colors.

·         It may take a while for all of the wax to melt. Stir again and again and use a fork to fish out any residual wick and other contaminants from the liquid wax. Attention: Work as cleanly and carefully as possible, because wax drips directly onto the hob, a lot of steam is generated.

·         If you are using a cotton thread instead of a candle wick, dip it in the liquid wax and let it cool down afterwards.

·         Glue a strip of tape in the middle over a glass. Use the toothpick to make a hole in the middle of the adhesive strip and position the wick in it

.    Now carefully pour the hot, liquid wax into the glass and let it cool down.

Tip: Repeat the process with different colored wax, then you will get a nice pattern. Finally remove the adhesive strip.

 Homemade candles: With different colors, the candles look even more refined.  

Tip: Instead of a glass, you can also use an empty toilet paper roll. Before filling in the wax, place it as straight as possible in a container filled with sand. If the wax is hard but still a little warm, carefully remove the paper roll. 

Make scented candles

 Proceed as described above in the instructions. Add a few drops of flavor oil to the liquid wax before pouring it into your mold. Making candles yourself is also a great pleasure for children. However, an adult should always be present to ensure that the children do not burn themselves on hot wax. 

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