For a magical glow use always highlighter

If you ask a beauty guru about the most important cosmetic products, the highlighter will surely be one of them. In everyday life, however, he has not arrived until not so long ago and has given the beauty world such a whole new marvel of the Contouring. We reveal what the highlighter can do and how it is used!

Highlighter – what is that?

Everybody knows little discrepancies on the face: Here it is too wide a nose, because tired eyes or too pale a complexion. The Contouring promises to remedy all these problems. The highlighter plays a particularly important role, because it emphasizes – “highlights" – special places and creates the illusion of a narrower nose, higher cheekbones or more open eyes. He achieves this through the fine mica particles in the product. These reflect the light and give the skin such a fine shine.

Varied product types: from powders, sticks and more

To bring the star-like shine to the skin, there are countless different types of this wonder weapon. While some swarm with sticks, the others swear by powder. We summarize for you the pros and cons of the different highlighter styles, so you are guaranteed to find your favorite.

Highlighter Sticks: An easy entry

Especially for those who have not yet tried Highlighter, the pen is a nice variant. Also for refreshing the make-up on the go, the stick is excellent, because you need no other tools such as brushes. He is simply pulled over the spot to be emphasized. So that it does not just look like a shiny strip on the face, the product is then softly deluded with your fingers.

Highlighter Powder: For the natural shine 

Highlighter powder is ideal for creating a larger, natural shimmer. Especially in it is often used. However, always make sure that you do not use too much – less is always more with the highlighter. It is particularly easy to apply the powder with a special brush – so that, for example, cheekbones can be tightened easily and precisely.

Highlighter gel: For the glamorous appearance

For the extra glamor provides the highlighter gel or mousse. This is simply added in a small drop to the desired location and then worked with your fingers into the skin. The difficulty here is to find the right size. Since the gel often smolders strongly, the look can seem quickly overloaded – for a long party night maybe just the right thing for the office rather not so.

 How to find the right one

Depending on the skin tone and taste different highlighters come into question. For a natural finish, it’s best to choose a product that’s close to your skin color. For light skin, cool colors like mother-of-pearl, greenish and yellow tones are especially suitable. You can play a little more on darker skin: rosé, champagne and even gold are great, but pink and peach can also make a real wow effect. For very dark skin, we recommend warm bronze nuances.

Glitter and glitter yes, but dull or shiny? For some it can not sparkle enough. Then we recommend a shiny highlighter that conjures up a wonderfully natural, summery look. However, those who are more prone to oily skin and do not look for so much glitter are in the right place with a matte product. These give the certain freshness kick without being overly shiny. Where is the highlighter coming from? To the eyes, … If you are looking for a sleepy look, you will not go wrong with a little highlighter in the inner corner of your eye. This opens the eyes and gives a waking look. In addition, the effect can be enhanced by adding a job at the highest point under the eyebrow and along the eyelid crease.

On the forehead

For a total fresh and radiant look, some highlighter can be pulled from the hairline to the eyebrows. This makes the face look more symmetrical. When applied to the left and right along the eyebrows, narrow faces appear slightly wider.

On the nose

To make a wide nose narrower, the highlighter is applied to the bridge of the nose. Be careful, because if the stroke is too wide or is already placed on the curves of the nose, the effect can be exactly the opposite. A small blob may also on the tip of the nose – ready!

On the cheeks

Who wants to emphasize his cheekbones or create the illusion of higher cheekbones, should apply the highlighter here as well. To do this, gently pat the product over the bones. For a perfect result, you can contrast with a darker color even below the cheekbones.

Over the lips

For fuller lips, you can apply a blob of highlighter directly in the lip heart. This works best with a gel and the little finger. Finally, the lips are gorgeous colorful makeup and the illusion is perfect. … and to the décolleté! Also in the neckline a little highlighter can not hurt. Properly used, it creates the illusion of a fuller, bigger breast. For this, the powder or gel is simply applied along the upper curves. But beware: grab a powder that is particularly close to your skin tone, otherwise the result will quickly become artificial.

 Conclusion: Highlighter?

Feels like the highlighter actually helps with almost every problem that exists in the beauty world. Nevertheless, one should always think carefully, which places you really want to emphasize. Because with too much product turns the most beautiful Glow in a mostly unwanted shine. So always remember: Less is more and then it works with the perfect appearance on the face!

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