The home remedy that can do with Baking powder

Who has previously used baking powder only to bake his cake as plump and airy, has exhausted the possibilities of the baking agent only to a small extent.

Over time, the white powder has developed into a universal home remedy that helps against grease stains as well as against gray haze in the curtains. Even in the garden, baking soda is being used more and more often. We have compiled on which occasion’s baking soda still works wonders. 

Baking soda ensures that less flour is needed to make bread. The remedy is also used in beauty care and gardening. For example, baking soda fights teeth whiter and mildew on roses. The joy of experimenting the user seems to be limitless in baking powder

Make baking soda better for ants

 Baking soda is often referred to as an effective remedy for ants. But the agent does not seem ideal. First, the ants have to eat the baking powder first. The powder is especially tempting for the insects. On the other hand, the remedy causes the ants to burst when they have once taken it. But this is an unnecessarily painful death.

Other measures, such as easy removal, are preferable. By the way, you have to distinguish soda from baking soda. This is contained in baking soda, but not only. Baking soda also contains an acidic agent that reacts with baking soda and produces carbon dioxide bubbles. Also soda is recommended again and again against ants. But that is also not recommended. Soda neutralizes the ph value of the ants. As a result, they die painful. You should therefore prefer to rely on other home remedies.

Baking soda against lime scale and odors

 Over time, however, baking soda has proven to be an effective cleanser that gets everything clean again, from the gray haze on curtains to grease stains on the wallpaper. It works against a clogged drain, against unpleasant odors and calcium deposits. However, it always depends on the mix: We have put together the best possible uses for baking powder.

 Remove grease stains

Particularly effective is baking soda when removing grease stains – whether greasy stain on the wallpaper or greasy film on the kitchen cupboard. To remove the stains on the wall, mix baking soda with water to a cream that is spread on the stain. After the mass has dried, it is simply scraped off and the stain is gone. As a powder on a damp sponge baking soda is suitable for the convenient cleaning of greasy kitchen cabinets.Clean dirty joints with baking soda Stubborn dirt that has accumulated over time in bathroom joints can be removed more easily with baking soda. Simply sprinkle the powder on a damp sponge or kitchen paper and wipe over the joints.

 Clean burned pots

 Once the food is burned, you can make scrubbing the encrusted pot of baking soda much easier. Soak the cooking pot in water, add a little baking soda, and after a while, the burnt remnants are much easier to loosen.

Free up clogged drain

 Even a clogged drain can be released with a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Put about two packets of baking soda into the drain, add half a cup of vinegar and shoot the lid. While the mixture is working, you can hear bubbling. tipped some hot water into the drain and the constipation should be eliminated.

 Wash curtains with white baking powder 

Yellowed curtains turn white with baking soda. To do this, you just give a packet of baking agent into the laundry.

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These home remedies help: textiles with deodorant do not wash immediately  Also greasy shirt collar will be clean again if you treat them with baking soda before washing. For this purpose, the powder is rubbed in and brushed off again after a little exposure time. 

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