Dehan: A Beautiful Village

Dehan is located in the Palampur city of Himachal Pradesh, India which beautifies the nature of Himachal Pradesh. It is beautifies by the people living there and the positive energy of youth and nature.

Dehan Village

Overview of village:

Dehan village is spread over the area of 53.64 hectares including beautiful flowing water bodies and temples. Village is having a population of about 262 people with around 66 households. Dehan village isn’t an underdeveloped village but a  developing village with increase of new  techniques and quality population. 

Dehan is having a very beautiful view of grassland and a bridge located near Aadharshila school.

Bridge connecting two villages i.e Dehan and Punner

It contains  a large ground which is now half covered  by main power house. As village is located in hilly area so we can see mostly houses having sloping rooftops so that the rain water slides down easily. We also  see kutcha as well as pucca houses in this village.

Power House Area

About the people and temples:

We can say that India is having  a cultural society specially in villages. Talking about Dehan is also having the same society with a great  contributions to the temples by  the villagers due to the strong faith in God. A  very famous temple of Devi is located near the main power house and temple contain a great contribution of villagers of about 2,00,000 from 21 villagers and a  beautiful park beside it

Famous Temple of Village

Temple is very beautifully designed by the people in the demand and also Bhandara is also organised every year  with every occasions related to god. 

Shiv Temple at Dehan

Villagers and the Panchayat team organised (mela) fare every year  in the very famous mela ground.where children also play different sport according to them.Village is also famous for its “Dangal” matches held every year in the month of April when a large fair  called “Mela”.. Panchayat of Dehan always give its best in every field and a very good teamwork is also seen in the members of gram panchayat. And the panchayat bhavan is located near the mela ground with open ground area of its own as we can see.

Panchayat Bhavan

Village having a huge powerhouse of 133kw supply electricity to many villages and lighten  many houses.

Power House

Small kindergarten (anganbadi) is also set up in the village for small children and most of village children went there before taking admission in school. Even girls of the village also get some free ration. 

Small Aanganbadi set up in Dehan

patwar khana is also located near the village road for the beneficial of villagers where Patwari do their all work.

Patwar Khana

We can also see the brick  work near  the main highway now a leading producer of bricks and most of transportation is done by the villagers in their vehicles owned for this work and many workers are mostly belongs from the village only.

Brick Factory

A small clinic is also seen in the village which is having a very professional doctor  said by the villagers.

Clinic of village

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